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What Size Tires Will Fit My Wheels?

Many of our customers have wondered what's the best tire size for a specific wheel size.  Unfortunately, many of our customers have also gotten conflicting and many times incorrect information on this subject from dealerships, local tire shops, and friends.  To answer your question, there is not one exact tire size that will fit a particular wheel size, but a range of tire sizes that will fit.  The authority on correct recommended tire sizes will be the manufacturer of the tire.  We generally use the Toyo Tires website because it is user friendly, and Toyo is one of the leaders in the industry.


How do I know what size tires are recommended for my wheels?
Lets say that you want to know if your 255/40/18 tire will fit on your new 18x9.5 wheel. 


Step 1: Simply go to www.toyotires.com and find your tire by size.


Step 2: Look at the recommended rim widths.  In this case you can put a 255/40/18 tire on a wheel between the sizes of 18x8.5 and 18x10.  It also indicates that an 18x9 will be a perfect squared look meaning that the tire will not bulge beyond the wheel, and will not be stretched either.  If you put this tire on a wheel more narrow than 18x8.5 or wider than 18x10 the tire may not be warrantable in the event of a defect.



If you have any questions about tire and wheel fitment, please feel free to call us at 800-242-9883 or email us at sales@elementwheels.com