Scion Wheels Custom Rim and Tire Packages

18" 19" 20" 22" and 24" Rims Available in Staggered and Concave Designs

Since the introduction of the scion line of vehicles they have been an instant hit with car enthusiasts. With the plethura of aftermarket brands supplying many various upgrades, they have been a sought after brand for modifications. Typically the factory wheels that come on your scion can be boring and an upgrade is a must to take it to the next level of stye and perfomance. From entry level wheels to custom three piece forged wheels we've got you covered. On a budget? We've got you covered too. Easily navigate our website and find the many different wheel options we have for your vehicle. Using our proprietary search engine simply input your vehicle information above, (Year,Make,Model), and be taken directly to the wheels that fit your Scion! You can also take a look at our gallery of other vehicles like yours to get a feel of how a certain wheel and or wheel size and tire combo will fit. What are you waiting for? Your new set of wheels are only a few clicks away!

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