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Welcome to our Chevrolet Camaro specific wheel Fitment Page. With our years of experience in Custom wheel and tire fitments and hundreds of Camaro set ups, We've come to find the perfect fitments for the Camaro from base models to fully optioned top of the line models.

When Selecting a custom wheel there are many factors to take in consideration besides the styling of the wheel you desire. 

1.) Wheel Width - Will the wheel be too wide for the vehicle? You may want to put the widest and wildest wheel on your American made beast, but width of the wheel can become a Fitment issue in two ways. A.) Its too deep for the vehicle and hits suspension or steering components. B.) The wheel makes contact with the fender. 

2.) Offset - The correct offset in conjunction with wheel width will determine how your wheel fits. Well What is offset? Simply put offset deternies how far in or out your wheel is positioned when bolted to the vehicle. The higher the number above 0, is Positive offset and any number below 0 is negative offset. The lower the offset number the further out towards the fender the wheel will be. The higher the number the further away from the fender the wheel will be. I know it souds backwards but thats just how it is, Check out the diagram below.

These two Factors in conjunction are equally important when selecting a proper fitting wheel set up and acheiveing the look that you want. Some manufatures such as MRR Design now are specifically making wheels for models such as the camaro with popular offset and width choices to achieve these looks desired by many other enthusiasts. 

If you are looking for something even more customizable and tailored to your vehicle the other option is to have a fully custom built 3 piece wheel made for your Camaro for a truly unique set up. That is where knowing this fitment information will become extremely important. The most popular wheel sizes for 5th & 6th gen Camaros are 20x9 front and 20x10 rear as well as 20x10 front and 20x11 rears. 

Below are some examples of some wheels specifically designed for the Camaro for an out of the box fitment. 


Tire size is also a crutial factor in making your wheel fit properly without rubbing either the fender or inner fender well of your vehicle. The most popular tire chosen for these Camaro set ups is the Nitto N555 G2. The N555 G2 tires feature a high stiffness and Silica compound for better handeling in wet and dry environments paired with large tread blocks for incresed traction and grip. With a wide rannge of available sizes, These tires are perfect for keeping your camaro planted and getting that power to the road.

Below is a breakdown of 5th and 6th Gen Camaros, Front and rear sizes for both wheels and tires.

5th Gen Camaro                                                        

9" Wide Front (F. 245 / 45 / 20) x 10" Wide Rear (R. 275 / 40 / 20) 

10" Wide Front (F. 275 / 40 / 20) x 11" Wide Rear (R. 315 / 35 / 20)

6th Gen Camaro

9" Wide Front (F. 245 / 40 / 20) x 10" Wide Rear (R. 275 / 35 / 20)

10" Wide Front (F. 275 / 35 / 20) x 11" Rear (R. 305 / 30 / 20)

Its never been easier to get the fitment that you want until now. All of this information has been built into our proprietary search engine so you can easily get the perfect fitting wheels and tires. Enter your information into the fields at the top of your screen (Year, Make,Model) and be taken directly to the wheels that fit your specific application. Easily navigate our website and search through our 1000s of wheel and tire options we have for your Camaro.

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