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Mustang Wheels and Tires | 1000's of Concave and Staggered Rim Designs

16" 17" 18" 19" and 20" Rims Available in Concave Designs

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Welcome to our Ford Mustang Fitment guide. Here we will go over some important information regarding general fitment and Mustang specific fitment. 

With our years of experience in custom wheel and tire fitments and hundreds of Ford Mustang set ups, We've come to find the perfect fitment for the Mustang from base models to models such as the 5.0, Cobra, Gt350 and Gt500. Many manufacturers are now making vehicle specific wheels built to popular specifications for out of the box fitment with no guess work. Pictured below is an example of the MRR M350 Mustang GT350 replica wheel.  This wheel has been widened for a more aggressive tailored fitment over stock. OEM+


When Selecting a custom wheel there are many factors to take in consideration besides the styling of the wheel you desire. 

1.) Wheel Width - Will the wheel be too wide for the vehicle? You may want to put the widest and wildest wheel on your American made beast, but wheel width can become a fitment issue in two ways. A.) It may sit too deep for the vehicle and hit suspension or steering components. B.) The wheel makes contact with the outer fender. 

2.) Offset - The correct offset in conjunction with wheel width will determine how your wheel fits. Well, what is offset? Simply put offset determines how far in or out your wheel is positioned when bolted to the vehicle. The higher the number above 0, the more positive the offset.  The lower the offset is below 0 the more negative offset. The lower the offset number the further out towards the fender the wheel will be. The higher the number the further in it will sit. I know it souds backwards but thats just how it is, Check out the diagram below.

3.) Tire Size - Just as important as wheel width and offset, tire size plays a huge roll in your overall fitment. Just like wheel width, If your tire is too tall or wide you run the risk of the tire making contact with the outer fender or inner body of your vehicle. Performance is also affected in either a positive or negative way depenging on the tire and size selected. It is very important to have your set up dialed in correctly and we carry many popular brands such as Nitto, Toyo, Hankook, and Michelin just to name a few.  

Its never been easier to get the fitment that you want until now. All of this information has been built into our proprietary search engine so you can easily get the perfect fitting wheels and tires. Enter your information into the fields at the top of your screen (Year, Make,Model) and be taken directly to the wheels that fit your specific application. Easily navigate our website and search through our 1000s of wheel and tire options we have for your Mustang.

Later Model Mustang Bolt Pattern (PCD) - 5x114.3

Popular set up (for flush fitment) on the 5th and 6th Gen Mustangs - Front 20×9/9.5/10 (F. 275 / 35 / 20) Rear 20×10/10.5/11 (R. 305 / 35 / 20)

Popular Wheel Brand Choices - Ferrada Wheels, Vertini Wheels, MRR Wheels

Popular Tire Brand Choices - Nitto, Toyo