1. Do Aftermarket Wheels Affect Ride?

    Do Aftermarket Wheels Affect Ride?
    In general, getting a car with aftermarket wheels won’t be an issue. Nevertheless, there are a few disadvantages you should consider before buying a vehicle with aftermarket rims or wheels.
  2. How to Measure Wheel Offset

    How to Measure Wheel Offset
    Wheel offset refers to the distance from the center line of the wheel to the hub mounting surface. This distance is typically measured in millimeters and results in a negative, positive or zero offset. A mechanic will often need to measure the offset of a wheel when changing tire sizes. This is crucial because an improper offset could result in...
  3. What are 3 Piece Wheels

    What are 3 Piece Wheels
    When choosing new wheels for your vehicle, there are several fundamental questions you should ask yourself. For instance, do you want forged or cast wheels, and will one-, two- or three-piece wheels be the best option for my vehicle? So, what are 3 piece wheels and why are they so popular? Given the numerous wheel design and style options out...
  4. What Are Forged Wheels?

    When you’re looking for aftermarket wheels, you’ve probably heard of forged wheels and cast wheels. Most high-end wheels use a forged design while cheaper wheels use a cast design. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the differences between the two major manufacturing processes. So, what are forged wheels? What Are Forged Wheels? This article explains how forged wheels are made and...
  5. Types of Car Tires

    With a broad range of tire choices out there, deciding which type of tire is right for you can be tough. Understanding the different types of car tires can make it easier to choose what will work best for your situation. The best trick is to start with the type of vehicle. Once you’ve determined the tire types available for...
  6. Different Types of Wheels

    Different Types of Wheels
    The wheels on the car are arguably the most important part of the car. Without the wheels, the car will not roll and thus will not drive. There are different types of wheels for different driving experiences, and it is important that you buy wheels that best fit your car and your lifestyle. The different types of wheels that will...

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