Subaru Wheels Custom Rim and Tire Packages

18" 19" 20" 22" and 24" Rims Available in Staggered and Concave Designs

Known for their awd turbo models and rally racing heritage Subaru has been a popular vehicle for modifications by many enthusiasts. Usually the first modification made by our clients, custom wheels for your Subaru are needed to take it to the next level of styling and performance. The process for finding new rims for your vehice has never been easier. Taking measurement and knowing all of your vehicle specifications to make the wheel fit is a thing of the past. Using our proprietary search engine simply input your vehicle information above, (Year,Make,Model), and be taken directly to the wheels that fit your Subaru! You can also take a look at our gallery of other vehicles like yours to get a feel of how a certain wheel and or wheel size and tire combo will fit. Lets get started, new custom wheels are only a few clicks away.

*It is importtant to note that running staggered wheels, (different sizes/ diameters/widths front and rear), is not recomended in AWD models. It is highly Recomended that the wheels and tires are the same size all the way around. This is to avoid differntial problems in your all wheel drive system, which can be as severe as compete failure. 

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