Ford Wheels Custom Rim and Tire Packages


American vehicle manufaturer Ford is resposible for some of the most widely recognizable vehicles of all time. The iconic mustang being one of them and in more recent years the Ford St and Rs models. Being some of the most highly modified vehicles on the streets it is without a doubt that custom wheels are amung the first upgrades. Selecting a custom wheel and tire package for your Ford, finding your bolt pattern, diameter, widths, and what offset to run, can be a dificult process at times. Luckily we've made this process simple! Besides the change in overall appearance, perfrmance of your vehicle can also be improved depending on which wheel and tire combo is selected. Especially with sport models, such as the Mustang, Ford Gt, etc.., performance is particularly important. We believe the process of choosing a wheel and tire package should be a breeze and come down to choosing a style you like. Thats why we've developed our custom proprietary search engines simply input your vehicle information above (Year,Make,Model) and be taken directly to wheels and tires that fit your specific vehicle! Broswse through our large selection of 1000s of Ford custom rims and find that perfect set. We offer many different styles and finishes of custom rims such as staggered wheels, concave wheels, black wheels, chrome wheels, and even gunmetal wheels just to name a few. From Entry level to fully custom built 3 piece wheels we've got you covered. You can even order a cusotm color on any wheel you'd like. Shop confidently knowing that our team of experts are here to help you put together that perfect set of wheels. A new set of custom Ford wheels is only a click away!

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